Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAYDAY Hair!!!

I've been granted freedom from my IV pole temporarily for good peehaviour. All I have to do is drink enough water, and they will refrain from pumping me full of fluid 24/7. I'll still need Pole's assistance for some of my IV meds. Strangely, I had adapted to Pole so well that now I am UN-adapting...I no longer have to doh-see-doh around my partner to avoid tying myself in that most complex of rope halter knots, the fiador. I kinda missed Pole on our walks at was like going out in public without one's bodyguard. Pole's clearly a little miffed about it, but contents himself with being in my room 24/7 (you can only imagine what fun THAT is).

My hair seems to be unhappy. Not falling out yet, but as if the follicles are preparing to push the eject button any day now. You can almost hear them going about the busines of preparing life jackets for all on board. Mayday! Mayday! I can't hold her, Captain! She's breaking up! Toxin on board! Save yourselves! Abandon ship!!!

I had my first really gnarly nightmare last night. I was in a very busy restaurant. Having waited tables for a number of years, one never forgets the stress level that job can produce. We used to say we were "in the weeds" when we simply had too many tables, or poorly timed seatings. So there I was in this nightmare, "weeding hard". The people around me were all worried about something -- one was worried about something on my skin, one was just worried that the horses weren't getting trained. I was looking desperately for a pair of shoes. I finally found a pair of old, dusty slip-ons, but when I reached to clean the cobwebs out of them, two big ugly spiders came after me. That was it...I woke up whimpering, "Mommy, I wanna come home!" Eeeek. Had to leave the light on for a while after that one.

Which reminds me...the results of my Honey Maid vs. Keebler Graham Crackers taste test is in! Honey Maid is truly the superlative graham. I also have reason to suspect that the sub-standard Keebler version may have contributed to my nightmare...

Finally, more herd video...


    haha scaaaaarrry cows...LOL!!!

    keep it rolling Maria.
    hair will come back...then you can dye it purple!! you know-- for healing! wink wink

    what tunes have you been listening to lately?

    oh yes and ----->agreed on the grahams totally.

  2. Purple - power color - love it!
    And what's his name Big "bad" Leroy?! Ha! He's such a sweetie!

  3. The restaurant is under control. You are out of the weeds. All of your tables are fed and happy and about to leave a big tip... lots of healthy cells.

    Don't tell Kirk his horse is a big chicken.

  4. I have to laugh that my sub-conscious likened this to the restaurant business...

  5. Hey Lisah - current playlist is Punch Bros - Rye Whiskey - G Love - Rodeo Clowns - and Megadeth, Sympony of Destruction. Must be the drugs...